Lay thanks fans for Special Birthday Celebration!

EXO-M's Lay who just celebrated his birthday thanks fans for the unforgettable first birthday celebration with them. 

Check out below his long and sweet message for fans. 

Dear fans~ By the time you are seeing this~ My birthday will already be over ^_^

Firstly, thank you for this special birthday celebration which was unforgettable and blissful, everyone has worked hard.

I know about all the silent contributions from you all, and I’m really thankful.
The things I’ve done for all of you have not been enough and not fulfilling, or perhaps even nothing.
However, I have no idea why I’ve received so much love, I will try my best to fulfill my promises and no matter what, I’ll be smiling for all of you to see, because all of you like the way I smile. 

I’ve seen the led screen you have prepared for me, the birthday surprises, blessings and charity event, and also holding up such huge light boards for me. 
Despite the aching arms, travelling from afar just for me and gathering together from all places, but not even getting to meet at times.

I’ve held back my tears together strongly, putting on a smile for all of you, at times I feel really apologetic, but I have no other choices.
I can only smile in reaction to all your screams for my name, I can only bow in gratitude and thanks for those few extra seconds. 
All I can do for all of you is to continue standing on that stage and performing for you, smiling in delight towards all of you and reading your letters one by one, all of you are really sincere and care a lot for my health which makes me feel the warmth. 

I have also realised that everyone’s penmanship is amazing, and this shall be treated as a letter dedicated to those who love me~ 

On this day of my birthday, I’m especially thankful to my Mum, because she has brought me into this world with much difficulties, and has taken care of me for so long, thank you Mum! 

Translated by heecups