JUNO mentioned Junsu in his interview

My twin brother Junsu is manlier than me.

Q. You have said that your twin brother gave you many kinds of advice when you just debuted but what about recently?
Recently, we have a lot of personal talks so he doesn’t give me much advice as a singer. It might be because I have debuted as a singer for a while and I think my younger brother also trusts me so he doesn’t give me advice anymore.

However, lately when I returned to Korea, he gave me some advice for the first time in a long while after watching the PVs of ‘SEDUCTION’ and ‘That hair, that finger, that lips…’

On top of that, since the atmosphere of the PVs is very different from what I’ve done before so he told me that he really liked both of them. Because Junsu is very attentive in details when it comes to singer’s activities, he rarely gives compliments so that was enough to make me happy (laugh).

Q. I’ve heard that you and Junsu-ssi talk over the phone everyday, is it true?
I call Junsu but he doesn’t like to chat over the phone that much. On the contrary, whenever we do the same thing, or if we do something we both enjoy together, he always calls me (laugh). He calls me more often than I call him. That is one of Junsu’s personalities. These days, we often play games together so although he is busy, he calls me every day (laugh). He calls to tell me I should play like this, like that.

Q. What about the similarities and differences between you and your twin brother?
The similarity between us is that… we enjoy our hobby altogether so it’s really fun. We both really like sports and games, we get on very well. I think there are many kinds of difference between us (laugh). Junsu’s Japanese is better than mine, he is also manlier than me. If he thinks “This is unusual (This is wrong)”, he will certainly say “No” right away. For me, I would think I might affect other people if I talk too straightforwardly so I usually talk in a roundabout manner.

Moreover, I am a type of person that can be close to anyone right away but Junsu is selective in making friends (laugh). If he thinks “We are too different”, it will be a pass for him. However, he is a type who will do everything for the people he likes.

Q. What do you gain and loss for being twins?
There are not many privileges for being twins. As fraternal twins, our faces are different and I have always been taller than Junsu by 5~10 cm ever since we were young so naturally, we don’t feel like we are twins very much. Since early times, our mother also told my younger brother to call me ‘Hyung’ (T/N: Older brother) so I was called like that ever since.
On the contrary, other people never believe us when we say “We are twins”. A grandpa who doesn’t know us once responded “Children shouldn’t lie”. Although we told him we were telling the truth, he didn’t believe us.

All 4 people in our family are chatterboxes

Q. JUNO-ssi, how do you behave when you are with your friends?
I will become a chatterbox. I don’t like oppressive atmosphere so I just want to have fun with my friends when I meet them. Therefore, when I meet someone for the first time, if it is a quiet person, I will start a conversation first. I really don’t build any wall around myself.

Q. So are you talkative when you are with your family?
Our family does talk a lot (laugh). Our father and my younger brother are the ones who talk the most in our family, especially when there are just 4 of us together. However, what my father and my younger brother take interest in is very different from mine and our mother’s. When my father and my brother talk, my mother and I don’t feel interested at all and our reaction is just like “―Yeah”. After they have talked for such a long while and finally we get to talk a bit, they would be like “Hey, it’s time to sleep” so we would react “Huh―, how come?” (laugh).

In conclusion, because we are all so talkative, I don’t get to talk that much at home (bitter smile).

 Source: DC Gall
Translated by: XIAworld