Jung Il Woo to hold first fan meeting in Taiwan

Actor Jung Il Woo will be holding his first-ever fan meeting in Taiwan. According to Management Soop, the Korean heartthrob is set to host ‘2012 First Snow Promise’ at the Taipei’s Neo Studio in Taiwan on December 8.

To promote his upcoming fan meeting, Jung Il Woo made his way to Taiwan and stayed in the country for 3 days 2 nights. Upon his arrival on October 23rd, the actor immediately took in interviews with the Taiwanese broadcasters and media outlets.

Jung Il Woo revealed, “I know that it doesn’t snow during the winter season in Taiwan. I want to give my fans the excitement like first snow. So I named the event ‘2012 First Snow Promise’.”

He added, “I will prepare in earnest for the fan meeting and hope that everyone will show lots of interest for it. I hope to spend a wonderful time with all my fans.”