IU and Yoon Do Hyun have a cute conversation on Twitter

IU and Yoon Do Hyun’s conversation is bringing much laughter to the fans.

On October 16th, Yoon Do Hyun wrote on his Twitter, “When do you get pissed off? I mean, angry?”

IU wittily responded, “When I get a mosquito bite on my face after having a face massage for an important TV show the day after.”

To this, Yoon Do Hyun replied back, “I thought things could happen, but I think I’ll start getting angrier slowly.”

Netizens who saw IU and Yoon Do Hyun’s cute conversation commented, “Yoon Do Hyun and IU’s conversation is so funny”, “IU’s so cute” and “Great to see them keeping a close relationship.”

Source: StarN News