'It’s Okay to be Short'

“Drop the ‘Celebrity should be tall, handsome and pretty’ prejudice”

It’s no longer hold true that idols with 8-proportioned height are popular stars. There are still stars that boasts about their perfect body proportion despite being a little shorter. The trend nowadays is no longer to have a tall height, but to have a perfect body ratio. Let’s have a look at today’s slightly shorter ‘Stars who are proud of their golden proportion BEST 10′

‘Small head terminator’ Won Bin (178cm), Lee Kikwang (170.8cm)

Actor Won Bin is the small head terminator in the filming industry. Even when standing beside celebrities who have small heads, Won Bin would be showing off his glamorous ratio too.

Idol group BEAST’s member Lee Kikwang is already famous for his short height. Although he was embarrassed during MBC Variety Program, ‘Hot Brothers’ for being shorter than Park MyeongSu, his small head, as well as muscles which were grown due to consistent work outs, do not lose out to anyone. To tall actors or singer idol, Lee Kikwang, who has been embarrassed for wearing insoles, their small faces and golden proportion body are the ones that made them idols.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: My Daily