Hyuna-Doojoon, Exchanged glances, Couple shot revealed

A few pictures showing Hyuna and Yoon Doojoon exchanging glances as couple were revealed.

On October 4th, Shoemarker has revealed some photoshoot scenes which includes manly Yoon Doojoon, who’s an ideal type for many female celebrities, and cute yet sexy 4minute’s Hyuna.

In the advertisement, both of them transformed into couples, while emancipating a lovable atmosphere. Both of them sat on the sofa naturally and interprets a couple’s act. In their black and white outfits, they have both successfully express the stylish and chic concept.

In particular, Yoon Doojoon wore his personally designed shoes, presenting his fashion sense. BEAST collaborated with one of Shoemarker’s brand, JimRickey, and introduced a casual yet durable fashion sneakers. Hyuna was seen leaning on Yoon Doojoon’s shoulders. With her perfect body and elegant vibe, Hyuna looked at charismatic Yoon Doojoon with an affectionate gaze.

A representative of Shoemarker expressed, “During the initial stages of the photoshoot, Yoon Doojoon and Hyuna stared at each other awkwardly and couldn’t stop laughing. But as time goes, they’ve completed the photoshoot by putting on a professional yet mature attitude. In fact, Hyuna’s part in the advertisement was to interpret a shoes terrorist. It isn’t easy to do this.”

Hyuna and Yoon Doojoon’s exchanging glances and their conversation can be viewed through Shoemarker’s advertisement.

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