Hello Venus’ Alice lied about getting into college to become a singer

On the October 11th broadcast of KBS’ Happy Together, Hello Venus member Alice shared that she lied to her parents about getting accepted into college to become a singer.

Alice starred in the ‘Late Night Snack Bar’ corner of the show where guests had to reveal some of their favorite food items. She discussed ‘milk ramen’, a fast food item she ate regularly during difficult times.

The rookie singer shared, “My mother was against the idea of me becoming a singer. So I lied that I got into a college in Seoul and got the money for tuition to fund my dream. I cut contact with her for about three months and had nothing but ramen to eat.”

Then, Yoo Jae Suk and Park Mi Sun scolded the singer for her immature actions and told her to apologize to her parents. Alice left a video message for her mom, saying, “Mom, I’m a singer now, so… I’m sorry.”