Girl’s Day’s Sojin gains attention with her ‘ant waist’

Girl’s Day member Sojin has captured the attention of her fans with her small waist.

On October 30, the group’s manager updated Girl’s Day’s official Twitter page with a photo and wrote, “So many of you wondered about Sojin’s waist size… it’s 22 inches… Isn’t she so slim?”

Sojin responded by tweeting, “Hello. This is Girl’s Day’s Park Ant :) Kekeke.”

In the photo taken from Girl’s Day’s latest single “Don’t Forget Me”, Sojin is posing in a half-cut outfit that highlights her waist line. Her slim waist line is drawing many people’s attention, evoking comments like “I envy her so much”, “Smaller than my heard size” and “Unnie, you should gain some weight.”

Meanwhile, girl group members who are known for slim waists include KARA’s Goo Hara, 4Minute’s HyunA and Girls’ Generation’s Yuri.