FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun concludes ‘Jack the Ripper’ musical in Japan

FT Island’s Song Seung Hyun successfully finished his musical ‘Jack the Ripper’ in Japan.

The singer performed as the lead of the musical, Daniel. On October 1st and 2nd, his Japan performances finally came to a close at Tokyo Aoyama. The last shows were all sold out, and the musical closed its curtains with a standing ovation for 10 minutes.

Song Seung Hyun said, “Now, all of the presentations were done, and I was so happy to see crowds’ great reaction. I feel so happy and thankful for their amazing support.”

Song Seung Hyun was the youngest actor to play Daniel for ‘Jack the Ripper’, and received high compliments in Korea for his amazing work in the show. In Japan also he received favorable reviews, showing his potential as a musical actor.