FT Island wins lawsuit against Baviphat

FT Island recently won a suit against a cosmetics company for violating their portrait rights.

Back in February, FT Island and FNC Music filed a lawsuit against Baviphat for using the image of the members after the contract’s conclusion. And on October 9th, the Seoul District Court ruled in favor of FT Island, citing that Baviphat must pay the band 40 million KRW for damages.

FT Island had previously signed contract with Baviphat and endorsed the line in Korea for six months beginning in April of last year. However Dereon Cosmetics had continued to use FT Island as its product model in some Asian countries, including Japan and Malaysia long after the contract’s conclusion.

The court ordered, “The FT Island members are to be paid 8,000,000 KRW (approximately $7,200 USD) each for the damages.”

Source: Star News