Eunjung preparing for early 2013 drama comeback?

T-ara's Eunjung is currently in discussion for a role in the SBS drama "Money Incarnation".

After controversy being fired from her drama role a few monthd ago, T-ara member Ham Eunjung is preparing for a drama comeback early next year. Eunjung has received an offer from the SBS drama "Money Incarnation" that broadcasts in January to star in it.

"Money Incarnation" has the same PD at "Giant" as well as the same writer and a lot of the same crew. Ham Eunjung, Kang Jihwan and Hwang Jungeum are all being considered for the drama which is about the desire for money and love mixed into the legal professions. Eunjung previously worked with Kang Jihwan in the 2010 drama "Coffee House" and T-ara has featured in Hwang Jungeum's music when she was still in Core Contents Media.

According to drama officials, after a meeting on the 21st, they discussed Eunjung and her firing from the SBS drama "Five Fingers" and the passion she had for acting. They hope they can make a "hit" cast with Kang Jihwan and Hwang Jungeum as well.

Because of a bullying controversy that arose amongst the T-ara members, Eunjung was previously fired the currently broadcasting drama "Five Fingers".

Source: http://sports.donga....1021/50279003/3
Translated by: Nathaniel @ Diadem