Elementary school students don’t really know who TVXQ are?

9-year old idol group TVXQ are once again vying for a position at the top with ‘Catch Me’, their first Korean album in one year and eight months. TVXQ, who give off quite a manly aura, have returned with a greater appeal to the public.

“Elementary school students these days don’t really know who TVXQ are.”
TVXQ, who deserve the title of the ‘Best second generation idols’, will be celebrating their 10th anniversary next year. It can’t be denied that TVXQ are now considered as veterans, with their debut song ‘HUG’ being played during the popular drama ‘Answer 1997′.

But it is also true that TVXQ have not been able to close the gap between them and the public because their specialty, high-intensity performances have branded them as ‘cool’ singers, rather than approachable ones.

U-Know Yunho said, “We couldn’t return with the same style of song as ‘Why’. We set the goal of becoming more approachable, we worked hard to make a song with a melody that was easy on the ears but that didn’t lose our unique color.”

A portion of this change can be accredited to producer and composer Yoo Young Jin’s consideration for the group. “He was very considerate of us because it’s our 10th anniversary next year. He said, ‘I want you guys to think about appealing to the public as singers.’”

U-Know Yunho stated that elementary school students these days don’t really know who TVXQ are and said, “People who were elementary school students when they started listening to our music are all now over the age of twenty. We’re thinking about targeting elementary school kids for this comeback.” He jokingly added, “We’ve even added choreography that younger people can follow along with.”

Choikang Changmin emphasized the importance of appealing to the masses when he said, “Younger kids don’t know who the first generation idols, who we grew up looking up to, are. If we become singers who can appeal to a wide range of age groups and if younger people can enjoy our music, I believe that we will be able to give back to the singers of the next generation by giving them someone to look up to (like the first generation idols did for us).”

“Now that it’s been almost 10 years since we made our debut, we’ve been experiencing first-hand that past trends are returning. Our current goal is to take on a variety of genres and we’re still in the process of achieving that goal. In this album, there are many genres that we’re trying out for the first time.”

U-Know Yunho – Choikang Changmin, the ‘Why’ of Two People “A Comeback That Gave Us Confidence”

TVXQ wasn’t always a two-member group. It couldn’t have been easy for U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin to fill the empty spaces that had been left on stage when they started their new beginning with their 5th studio album ‘Why’.

Choikang Changmin said, “It was very strange for us because it was the first time we were performing as a duo, even though we were veteran singers with over five years of experience,” and “When we were on our Japanese tour, we were worried because we had to sing 25~30 songs for 2.5~3 hours by ourselves.”

But he also added, “I think we took on the challenge with more heart and soul than usual. Thanks to the experience, we learned how create a performance with just two people,” and “We gained the confidence that we’d be able to take on the challenge of a long performance as a duo and succeed.”

TVXQ, who have returned after gaining the confidence to perform as a duo during their hiatus from the domestic scene, have stated that the focal point of their comeback is to incorporate an easy-listening song with their signature intense performance.

U-Know Yunho stated, “We can’t say that there are no difficult parts in our song. Because it’s a song with our unique color incorporated after all. But we’ve made the chorus and bridge part a little easier to follow, and that’s a theme that appears in most of the tracks.”

U-Know Yunho, “I was more surprised to hear that we’re now in the same company as Kim Byeong Man than Jang Dong Gun.”
SM Entertainment’s recent takeover of AM Entertainment means that TVXQ are now in the same company as actors Jang Dong Gun and Kim Haneul.

U-Know Yunho said, “Growth in the company could mean more opportunities for everyone. It’s realistic to say that there will be more support for the celebrities as more experts of the field will come join us,” and “I think they are trying to give their artistes more opportunities.”

Stating that he hadn’t yet met AM Entertainment’s Jang Dong Gun or SM Entertainment’s recent addition Kang Ho Dong, U-Know Yunho confessed, “I never thought that we would ever be working in the same company.”

He drew everyone’s attention for his affection for Kim Byeong Man when he added, “I was more surprised that we are now in the same company as Kim Byeong Man than Jang Dong Gun,” and “We were in a tv show together and when his father passed away, I visited him. I think of him as an amazing person.”

He also stated, “We contact each other often. I called him as soon as I saw the news article, but his phone was turned off. I think he was in the jungle.”

Kim Byeong Man may not have been able to pick up his phone because he is currently filming for SBS’ ‘Kim Byeong Man’s Laws of the Jungle in Madagascar’.

U-Know Yunho and Choikang Changmin have both stated that they are eager to take on an acting career as they have both already made their debut as actors. The addition of more actors into their agency could result in a synergy effect that helps both parties.

Model students? “I think we can slow down and relax a little now.”
TVXQ, who are known for their good manners, are so polite that it is difficult to believe that they are idols with nine years of experience under their belt. But sometimes this leads us wanting more of their honest and easy-going side.

Choikang Changmin foreshadowed a change in the group’s image as he said, “It’s true that we place ourselves in a set mold. We can’t just suddenly act out unexpectedly or get into trouble,” and “But I think we’ve gotten to a stage where we can relax a little more than before. I feel like we need to break out of our previous image.”

Known for being a member of Kyu Hyun (Super Junior)’s Kyu Line, Choikang Changmin expressed his wishes for appearing on MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ when he stated, “I watched ‘Radio Star’ and I really want to make an appearance on the show. I don’t have that many friends who know me really well, so I think Kyu Hyun would be able to tear me apart as an MC.”

U-Know Yunho, on the other hand, stated that he would like to appear on SBS’ ‘Healing Camp’. revealing that he is “A ‘Healing Camp’ fanatic,” U-Know Yunho added that he would like to appear on various variety shows to show off a side of TVXQ that domestic fans haven’t seen before.

TVXQ say that every time they stand on stage, they perform like their lives depend on it. 9 years worth of experience isn’t easy to accumulate. Though they have already reached the top, they are still dreaming of a bigger world.

“In terms of our overseas activities, I’d like to increase the size of our nationwide tours in Japan and become the first overseas singers in Japan to hold a dome tour. I sometimes think about how great it would be to hold a TVXQ concert at Madison Square Garden, a place that even global pop stars think of as a dream.”

TVXQ place importance on creating a performance that combines musical growth and substantive talent. “It’s not only fanatics who come when we hold concerts in Japan; people from a wide range of age groups come just to enjoy the show. I’d like for us to be known as a team whose performances are fun and enjoyable.”

“We sometimes dream of breaking away from reality, but we say NO to public relationships!”

Source: [star n news]
Translated by: dongbangdata.net