Director Cha Euntaek talks about T-ara & Eunjung in an interview with News 2 Day

"The T-ara incident made me detest even more Korean's society that cannot tell right from wrong"

Reporter: Recently, you've supported Eunjung through twitter and this became a hot topic. You didn't expect that right? What are your thoughts about the T-ara incident?

In response to the question that the reporter asked mindfully, Director Cha Euntaek surprisingly gave a calm and sharp response. Because of his message of support to Eunjung, Director Cha was also criticized by some netizens. Director Cha was the director for T-ara's MV's like Lovey Dovey, and so have known Eunjung for a long time. He understands Eunjung more than anybody else and truly feels sad and worried about Eunjung.

"Although my message wasn't left simply without thought nor was it left simply just to cheer her on, it still represented my worry and care for her. When she knew that she was cast for , you wouldn't know how happy she was and how hard she worked in preparation. If I was a member of T-ara, I might have hidden away somewhere because of the pain. T-ara being ostracized by the public, this has made me really detest Korean society. I really detest those who, after someone's mistake, add insult to injury without first determining right from wrong. To be honest, I thought "Should I gamble my career in the entertainment industry and just say it all [and argue]? Just say it all on twitter?" I was really angry at the time."

"I've watched them grow since the T-ara members were still trainees. They are kids that have worked hard to become singers, and I was really hurt to see them criticized like that. Eunjung's message on twitter was actually really simple and pure. They cannot go out and play like other teenagers, but have to practice with all their might, running around to complete their activities. They cannot live like other kids of the same age, but are constrained by their work. They are kids who are more simple and pure than others of their age."

"At the time, I was really very upset. To see how the public, without understanding the circumstances, became so sure that there must have been bullying between them. I don't understand, there have been incidents in the past that were much worse, idols who have done illegal things, but why only treat T-ara with such harshness?"

About how his message of support for Eunjung caused a stir amongst netizens, Director Cha said: "Although we should criticise acts that are wrong, but to see people carelessly criticise and condemn acts that are right simply because of their own subjectivity and bias, I really could not carrying on living pretending that I did not see this in our society."

"Eunjung ah, you have to live with strength"

"I always talk with Eunjung, and she told me 'Because of Director-nim, I've gained a lot of strength." She cannot clarify everything about what has happened, simply because they are all very close, in reality, their relationship is not like what outsiders have said, and they do not want each other to be criticised or blamed because of themselves. Because of this incident, they really cried a lot. I really can't bear to see them cry like that. I tried to find ways to comfort them, but I couldn't come up with any good ways but to say to them to live with strength. After Eunjung was forced out of I had once worried that she would do something stupid."

English translation from Chinese translation by Woojung Baidu:
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