DBSK wants SHINee's "Replay"

In a recent interview, Choikang Changmin of DBSK confessed, “I want SHINee’s “Noona, You’re So Pretty” which never gets old no matter how many years pass.” He shared that: “Even if I listen to it now, it’s nice and refined. During that time, I was doing promotions for “Mirotic”. I kept telling SHINee “I really want your song,” and, “This song should have been ours.”

U-know Yunho then joined in with, “If we were greedy and took “Noona, You’re So Pretty”, the lyrics nor the title would be called “Noona, You’re So Pretty”. It suited them well because they are SHINee and I definitely like it a lot.” We suggested that they can do it at a performance. Yunho answered, “If we were to do it, I’ll wear a Taemin wig. Changmin, you can be Key or Jonghyun,” causing a lot of laughter at the interview set.

Source: The Star

Translated by: kimchi hana @ shineee.net