Cube Family, Greets in Hanbok for Chuseok

Cube Entertainment’s G.NA, BTOB and Noh JiHoon have gave their Chuseok greetings in Hanbok.

On the 30th, Cube Entertainment released a video and a few pictures of their artists through their official SNS, and they expressed their greetings while wearing the traditional hanbok.

G.NA with her elegant look attracts attention with her gentle smile. She expressed her message, “This Chuseok, I hope that I can spend quality time with my family, and to wish at the full moon. Also, our Cube family and many more too, I hope that they have a laughter-filled festive season. Personally, G.NA wants to be a singer that receive loves from all round the world. To realize this dream, I shall work harder, so please you must give me support.”

BTOB who is currently promoting their 90s retro style with title song ‘WOW’, have took funny pictures with A Pink in hanbok, leading to laughter. They said with an accord, “Our wish to this year’s Chuseok, is none other than Rookie Award”,expressing their dreams as a rookie group. Also, in one of the special Chuseok program, “Idol Wrestling”, Im Hyunshik who participated, promoted at the wrestling arena, while not forgetting to remind his family to watch the show.

Noh JiHoon, who has been away for quite some time, has attracted attention with his warm look. Noh JiHoon had expressed greetings to his fans who waited long for his debut with his tall height and sweet smile. Noh JiHoon shared his thoughts, “It’s a greeting that has been awhile. It’s my first time showing myself in hanbok, it does suit well right? During this mid-autumn festival, I hope to spend a warm and happy Chuseok with my family and to talk with them.”

Trans: MrsDooB2uty
Source: The Star Chosun