Couple LeeJoon-YeonSeo is excited about 'skinship'

Oh Yeonseo and Lee Joon could not conceal the excitement of skinship in their mind.

On 'We Got Married Season 4' (aka 'WGM4') that was aired on October 20, virtual couple Oh Yeonseo and Lee Joon made a pinky promise under their plans.

This day Lee Joon two people made a promise under their hand that their first skinship was a mistake. To not remember the time when he holds her waist and wipe her lips previously during their play at the pool and also the embrace given on their first meeting. Oh Yeonseo agreed the same thing.

Lee Joon place his finger out and said "this will be our first skinship" shyly. Lee Joon and Oh Yeonseo hold onto each other's finger with an embarrassing expression.

Oh Yeonseo followed in the interview "'our first skinship' it has a lot of meanings to it", she confessed.

"It will be beautiful. And it will be an amazing development. I am impressed. I am a nice guy", said Lee Joon.

Source: Newsen via Nate