Changmin, “My Shotgun Debut Left My Mind In Chaos”

TVXQ’s Choikang Changmin talked about how he ended up passing his audition for SM Entertainment.

Choikang Changmin will appear on KBS2′s ‘Story Show Do Dream’ on the 6th of October to talk about suffering from his inferiority complex.

The singer stated, “Before I made my debut, I had never once considered becoming a singer,” and “I was scouted on the street and asked to come in for an audition. My mother encouraged me to go because ‘I could see BoA’, and that’s how I became a trainee in SM.”

He continued to say, “Because of my shotgun debut, the extravagant lifestyle that accompanied it felt unfamiliar and I just couldn’t adapt to it. It felt as though I was wearing clothes that weren’t the right size, and I was internally in a state of confusion and chaos.”

Choikang Changmin revealed, “But when we returned to being rookie singers in Japan and saw the faces smiling back at us while we performed on a small stage, I thought, ‘I can bring joy to other people.’ That moment helped transform the young boy who didn’t really have a special dream into someone who dreamed of becoming a singer.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior’s Eun Hyuk and Kyu Hyun are set to appear on the show with TVXQ.

Source: [TV Report]