BTOB answered questions from fans!

7-member boy group, BTOB, who is putting on a different level of ‘WOW’ promotions, as well as being a group that focuses on the importance of communication with fans,they have warmly answered most of fans’ questions through The Star SNS.

On September 13th till the 15th, through thestar_kr on me2day, BTOB members have answered  questions sent in from fans. Towards each questions, BTOB members have answered it one by one by using the informal language.

[Seo Eunkwang] “The background picture of your iPad used to be Eunkwang’s pictorial, is it still that picture now? Why do you use that picture?”

“A person’s mentality is to see his very cool and pretty look of themselves, that’s why. What’s your background picture? Isn’t it your well-taken picture? (IlHoon: It could be Eunkwangie-hyung’s picture) Ah! I’m sorry. I will give you my picture.”

The members commented on leader Seo Eunkwang’s increased confidence about his looks lately and called him the “BTOB Selca King”. The next one will be a question for BTOB’s visual, Lee Minhyuk.

[Lee MinHyuk] Why are you this handsome? I’m curious!

“I’m curious too.”

As the members gave a lukewarm response, Cube Entertainment’s PR team leader, An HyoJin made a request, “Ask the same question to the leader, the answer will be different”. Followed this, Seo Eunkwang who seems to be waiting eagerly gave his answer.

“I don’t know why I’m handsome, but everyone is like this. Actually, every time I looked into the mirror, my eyes shine. Reason to my good looks? What should it be? To satisfy everyone’s eyes? I think I’m born because of this.”

[Lee Changsub] Bare face and makeup face, do they differ a a lot?

“Who asked this question? (Everyone laughed) People with their makeup face and bare face are supposed to be different. Look around me. They differ a lot. But even then, I’m confident with my bare face. However, when I remove my makeup, (my face) will be red in color, it’s because of my precious friends that are there. To answer this question, my face is different with my makeup on and without makeup.”

“(Lee Changsub’s makeup before-after face) Doesn’t differ that much,”  Kind Jung IlHoon’s words that made Lee Changsub to change his mind immediately, “I’ll correct it. (My makeup before-after face) Doesn’t differ much. It’s the same. You know right?”

The members, too, defended Changsub, “His bare face has its charms”. Lee Changsub then received a request to say farewell to his red friends.

“Hello? My red friends. It’s been awhile right? I think more than half of you are lost already. Are you doing well? When you guys aren’t here, I’ve changed a lot. I’ve grown more confident. When you’re not here, I think about you, and I wash my face cleanly. You don’t have to come and find me again. Kids, you know right? I’ll be forever grateful. You guys are the proof of my puberty times. You guys, are the proof to my passion and you guys are the ones that spoiled my youth! (So) I love you.”

Perhaps there are still people who don’t know the ‘red friends’ he was referring to? Red friends refers to those who grow redly on faces. In order to protect Changsub’s privacy, we shall not explain on it.

[Im HyunShik] Your jokes, what do you think about it? 

“I don’t know if they think that my jokes are interesting, but (in my opinion) I have sense. It comes according to situations, therefore it’s funny. I have confidence with my jokes, I have faith to make everyone laugh.”

Towards this, the members showed their interest, “(I wonder if) The fan who sent in this question, does she think that Hyunshik is funny or the other way round.” To that fan that asked this question, please solve their curiosity!

[Peniel] Which do you think is more suitable for you? Long hair or short hair?

“Both are fine for me, (members: Ayu~ Just one~) Short hair. (Response from around?) It’s half-half. Some fans said I’m good with long hair, some said with short hair, but personally, I prefer short hair. (Hyunshik: I also think that short hair suits you more) Thank you!”

[Jung IlHoon] The thing you want to do during this year’s winter, when the first snow falls?

If he’s to see the first snow, Ilhoon who answered that he would want to listen to music, eventually lead to laughter. He compared his questions with the rest of the members, and due to the difficulty of his question, he had requested for help. In the end, the members helped him out.

“If there’s no schedule during the first snow, I would want to travel with my family. I want to go~ I’m a polite kid, so I’m not used in using the informal language. No. I want to go to that side. Where is it? East Sea! Hehehehe (burst of laughter)”

[Yook SungJae] If you had an aegyo to show to your fans?

“I had just said that I have no aegyo in the last interview. Now I’ve replayed that video lots. Hello fans? I’m Sungjae. Oh… I love you so much, so I’m going to show my aegyo. One, Two, Three”

The aegyo Sungjae showed was the same as last The Star interview, which is the pose where he lifted his two fist and did a cute expression. Thanks to ‘New Variety-dol’ teacher, Seo Eunkwang who showed his cute short-tongue aegyo, as soon as the interview ended, Sungjae requested to challenge again. You can check it out from the video. Excitement and sweetness that words cannot be explained can be felt in the video.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: The Star Chosun