B2ST’s Doojoon & 4minute’s HyunA get cozy for Shoemarker

Cube Entertainment’s labelmates, B2ST’s Doojoon and 4minute’s HyunA transformed into couple to endorse the shoes multishop brand, Shoemarker.

Earlier today, Shoemarker released behind-the-scenes photos taken from the set of CF filming. Wearing contrasting colors of stylish black and white outfits, Doojoon and HyunA shared some intimate moments and pulled off a natural couple look.

In addition, Doojoon showed off the shoes that he personally designed. B2ST collaborated with Shoemarker’s brand Jim Rickey for the silver high top.

It is said that Doojoon and HyunA have been awkward with each other at first, but as time passed, they completed the shoot like professionals.