B1A4's Sandeul expresses his feeling of 'becoming mature'.

B1A4 Sandeul who is known as 'Musical idol'  expresses  his  feeling  of  'becoming   mature'.

Sandeul  expressed  his  feelings  as  he  wraps  up  musical  'the  Brothers   Were  Brave'.

Sandeul  had  his  first  musical  challenge  through  'The  Brothers  Were   Brave'  musical  that  started  on  the previous 26th  June. 'The Brothers Were Brave ' musical will have its last stage on 1st October and had Sandeul played his role as a younger brother of two brothers.

On 27th, Sandeul who finished his musical performance that day expressed through Newsen that 'I don't feel satisfied but not till the extent of having any regrets as this is my first musical, and I loved being with hyungs and nunas so this is such a loss'.

Following that Sandeul also expressed 'As I performed the 20th performance, I feel more matured and grown. I hope to be able to apply the things that I learnt in my musical in B1A4's stage'.

When asked about upcoming Chuseok plan, Sandeul said 'because of international performance, I think I will be in Malaysia. Please anticipate B1A4's comeback'.

Through 'The brothers were brave' musical, Sandeul who experience his first musical performance achieved the nickname 'DeulJubong' as he acted 'Jubong' character according to his style. In the future, he will not only be active in B1A4's activity but also in musicals as to be reborned as a remarkable 'musical-idol'.

Meanwhile, Sandeul is making appearance in KBS Joy 'B1A4's Hello Baby'

Article Credits: NEWSEN + glynx @ FLIGHTB1A4.COM
Translation: 1wsh@ FLIGHTB1A4.COM