15& sings “I Dream” with Hanbit Bitsori Ensemble

New duo group 15& recently performed its debut title track “I Dream” with Hanbit Bitsori Ensemble.

On October 10th, 15&’s official Youtube channel uploaded a clip featuring young 15-year-old girls, 15&, singing “I Dream” in harmony with Hanbit Bitsori Ensemble.

The meeting of 15& and Bitsori Ensemble was said that Park Ji Min’s donation gave them a destined meet-up. Also, as Baek Ye Rin, from 15&, once did amuse the crowd by being called as a genius girl at SBS ‘Star King’, it came up to be more meaningful as Bitsori Ensemble also starred at ‘Star King’ and touched the heart of the crowd.

15& has said that they’ve come close with the friends of Bitsori Ensemble as they practiced and shoot the clip together. It comes more special as they’ve come to know each other with music and singing. 15& and the Ensemble had fun shooting and singing together, and promised to one another that they will come together often for various activities. 15& also would like to thank those from Hanbit Bitsori Ensemble for teaching and leading them during the shoot.

Watch the performance below.