15& covers Alicia Keys’s “Put It In A Love Song” Feat. Beyonce

A flawless live of 15& is becoming a bombing sensation.

15&, gathering much attention even before debut due to a meet-up with ‘K-POP Star’ winner, Park Jimin, and the genius girl, Baek Yerin, has starred on a radio program on October 10th. They’ve sung “Put It In A Love Song” by Alicia Keys and Beyonce in such a perfect manner that all site staffs and the viewers were surprised.

“Put It In A Love Song” by Alicia Keys and Beyonce, the world’s top divas, is considered as a song that requires advanced vocal skills as well as perfect rhythm senses. By not only singing it in a perfect manner but also with relaxed ad-lips and narration, 15& brought out endless exclamation for it.

Presented a heart-touching shudder with vocal skills that freely go over 2 octaves with their debut stage last weekend, 15& managed to smile and be in a comfortable feature during the live. Without having to mention, it is said the well-built skills and capability to “master the octaves” of 15&, often called as genius girls, were well shown.

Meanwhile, 15& continues on with their debut stage with the music programs. Check out their performance below.