Xia “The Chilean fans are very passionate”!

The musician, who has already visited Chile with the group JYJ, will present his solo artist proposal next 10th of September in Caupolican Theatre. “Korean pop is a music very energetic and sensual”, said the singer to LaNacion.cl

Junsu Xia, one of the greatest exponents of K-pop, has already been in Chile together with the group JYJ, in March of 2012. That time, he could perceive the craziness this tendency provokes in the previously known as local “calcetineras” (bobbysoxers) who spend the night at the airport, hotel and finally in the venue where the Oriental group presented themselves.

The singer is coming back to Chile to present his proposal as solo artist the 10th of September in Caupolican Theatre. From Korea, he makes time in his tight agenda to talk to Nación.cl about his music and his relationship with his national fans.

- You have already visited Chile once. Could you listen to Chilean music?
Yes, I have visited Chile and the city was so beautiful. It was as if city and nature were just one. Everyone was very friendly and the atmosphere in the show was one of the best in my life. I’m very happy as we are going back. Regarding Chilean music, the truth is I haven’t had too much time to appreciate it. However, when I was in Chile, every time I was on a car, I listened to the radio. That music is still on my memory. It was very rhythmical and the melodies were good. In my next visit I will try to enjoy more Chilean culture.

- What do you think about Chilean fans and their interest in Korean culture?
I’m very thankful to Chilean fans. Even although Korea is far away from their country, Chilean fans are among the most passionate about listening to my music and thinking about me. That’s very shocking and I feel very thankful. Moreover, I have a sense of responsibility because they see Korea’s image through me so I want to do it the best possible way.

- What stage of the creative process are you in? New lyrics, music? Is there some new project?
First of all, I’d like to finish the World Tour successfully. As I like challenges and I want to try new things, I will try to take this to the research of new lyrics and music.

- Thanks to social networking, Korean culture is more popular nowadays. What do you think are the differences between K-pop and other genres around the world?
It’s difficult to define K-pop in one word. As K-pop has become global thanks to Youtube, now there are many idols. I think fans all over the world love the intense performance and the sensual content and with style. If K-pop means Korean pop and not what I have just described, Koreans are people who love music. I think that is true in South Korean culture, in which people love meeting around music and dance. That’s why we have great musicians. The genres are very diverse; there’s not only dance music, but also hip hop, rock, R&B and traditional Korean music. Each time there are more and more musicians who create their own lyrics. But if you ask me which one is the secret of K-pop, my answer is “passion”. It’s a type of music very energetic and sensual.

- Have you thought of releasing some song and video in Spanish?
I really would like to. In fact, I have had serious conversations with the staff member in charge of the albums in Latin America. I don’t know when, but it’s something I want to do in the future. If I do so, I will have to take some time because I need to know the language and the culture in order to understand the lyrics and to sing the songs as I did with Japanese and English.

- Is there something you would like to do in Chile which you did not do in your previous visit?
If I have the chance, I’d like to go to the beach and to eat seafood with my staff, who worked very hard in Chile. And despite I cannot drink, I’d like to visit some winery.

Junsu Xia in Caupolican Theatre
Date: 10th of September, 9 pm.

Tickets sold through the system Feriaticket with the following prices: General: $ 16.000 (in advance) / $ 20.000; cancha: $ 35.000 (in advance) / $ 40.000; VIP: $ 60.000 (in advance) / $ 65.000.

Credit: La Nación
Translated by: Junmoshi of JYJ3