Whose head is Park Ki-Woong Ideal Head Shape in Women?

On the afternoon broadcast of GO SHOW on the 21st, actor Park Ki-Woong revealed his fetish for girls with pretty head shape, surprising the show cast and audience.

Park Ki-Woong explained the reason why he got close to the actress he worked with, is by touching their heads. He revealed having touched 90% of the heads of the actresses he has worked with.

After touching the head of co-cast Noh Sayeon, Park Ki-Woong said it didn’t match his ideal type, garnering laughter. He then said Lee Sung Min’s head however, looked pretty from afar.

When asked who among the “Bridal Mask” actresses had the prettiest head shape, Park Ki-Woong replied by saying it was rather Sandara Park, whom among singers, was his ideal. He then said that rather than the body, a beautiful head was more important to him.

You can watch the video here:

Note: This is not the first time that Park Ki-Woong has said that Dara is his ideal type. He has already mentioned it before. Park Ki-Woong recently played Kimuri Shuji in the popular Korean Drama “Bridal Mask” or “Gakistal”.

Source:  Naver
Translated by: Ouley_Soleil@WeLoveDara/OhDara