Who’s the most beautiful KARA member according to professionals?

KARA’s beauty ranking by professionals was revealed.

MBC Music’s ‘All the K-pop’ performed a survey with 100 plastic surgery surgeons and other personnels from Chungdamdong, asking to rank the KARA members  in terms of looks.

Park Gyuri, who is well known as a “goddess”, ranked first on the survey. Most of the plastic surgeons said, “Gyuri has golden proportions. She has the most ideal eyes, nose, and lips. Many patients come to us asking for a face like Gyuri.”

Seungyeon ranked second with her cute and innocent appearance. She said, “I actually don’t like my eyes. I often hear that I look scary and mean when I open my eyes wide. But I’m happy that I ranked second.”

Jiyoung placed 3rd, Goo Hara placed 4th and Nicole placed 5th. Many fans were surprised at Goo Hara ranking as fourth. Professionals explained, “Goo Hara has good proportions and is pretty. But maybe that is why she seems a little less natural.”

Source: TV Report