Wealthy-Dols from A Pink & BEAST!

Who are the Royal Family Idols? Recently in idol groups, there seems to be a number of idols who are born in a wealthy family, hence, gaining attention. Fans called these idols, ‘Wealthy-Dol’, ‘Rich Son’, ‘Rich Girl’. These idols couldn’t hide away from the topic “Our job as celebrities is nothing but a hobby”, but they are indeed showing their growing talents in their specific area.

A Pink’s Hong YooKyung cannot be overseen. During a cable broadcast, YooKyung’s house was revealed, her father was none other than Hong HaJong-ssi. Hong HaJong-ssi is the largest shareholder of DSR Metal. 

DSR Metal had sold out 160 billion of steel wire for the manufacturing of ships, cars and more, and even recorded earning a net income of 94 billion Won last year. Hong YooKyung had been staying in America ever since she’s in elementary school. She took elite lessons, piano, violin and other more skills. It was also revealed that she used to be a cheerleader too.

BEAST’s member Son Dongwoon’s father is a currently working as a professor in CheongJu University in Hotel Management courses. Dongwoon’s father, Professor Son Ilrak, wrote a piece of article in a magazine before, titled “To 2PM’s Park JaeBom-gun Tolerance!”. In this magazine, Professor Son even mentioned his son’s group BEAST members, stated there, “When you meet somebody who made a mistake, or committed a wrong doing, you shouldn’t throw stones at him or slander him”, as a conclusion to the article. Professor Son is also the author for a number of books, one of them is, “Cheer on teenagers who chase for their dreams”, hence, he’s receiving lots of attention from Netizens.

Besides Yookyung and Dongwoon,Super Junior's Siwon,Sungmin,SNSD's Sooyoung and 2PM's Nichkhun are also known as "wealthy-dols"!

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @loveindacube.wordpress.com

Source: Star Today