TVXQ to represent Missha throughout Asia

The duo of TVXQ has been selected as the new face of the Asian branches of the cosmetics brand Missha.

On September 10, Missha announced that TVXQ signed an exclusive contract with the company and they are set to become the brand’s token models in promotions throughout Asia. The boys have already promoted the brand in Korea and now they will be promoting the brand beyond.

Missha is planning to promote its global, classy brand image all over Asia with TVXQ’s positive image and their influence in Asia. More advertisements featuring the duo will be made visible around some 1,000 stores across Asia.

A spokesperson from Missha stated, “We are anticipating the synergy of Missha and Hallyu stars TVXQ. We’ll try to promote Korea’s beauty products and culture all over Asia by continuously targeting the overseas market.”

Source: TV Report