T-ara gets humiliated at Jeju Island concert

Having their first public stage comeback since bullying controversy stirred up, T-ara member were humiliated by the audience at a concert in Jeju Island.

On September 8th, T-ara performed their latest title track “Sexy Love” in a concert held at Jeju Island in celebration of the opening of the 2012 World Conservation Congress. During their performance, the audience turned off their glowsticks and stopped cheering.

On the 6th at Mnet’s ‘M!Countdown’ and the 8th at SBS’ ‘Inkigayo’, there was a prerecorded done with fans of T-ara, so no situation happened. The Jeju Island concert was the first face-to-face stage with the public since their bullying controversy happened.

T-ara were given a frosty reception. The audience booed, and some of them harshly criticized them. When T-ara started performing, the audience stayed quiet throughout the performance for what seemed like “Ten-minutes.”

After the performance, the audience began cheering and shouting “Hwayoung”, the member who recently left the group. T-ara finished by saying “Thank you” after singing and left the stage.

Source: Tiaradiadem