Suzy’s phone number is Lee Je Hoon’s lifesaver?

Comedian Jung Bum Gyun revealed that the most important thing actor Lee Je Hoon needs to take to the army with him is none other than miss A Suzy’s phone number.

On September 27th, Kim Soo Ro, Lee Je Hoon, Kang Ye Won and Kim Yoon Hye appeared on KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3’. During the broadcast, MC Yoo Jae Suk asked Jung Bum Gyun to give some advices to Lee Je Hoon, who is starting his military service soon.

Jung Bum Gyun said, “You shouldn’t be here shooting a show. You should be off making more memories.”

He also mentioned Lee Je Hoon’s close ties to miss A’s Suzy and asked, “Do you contact Suzy often?” Lee Je Hoon answered, “I sometimes text her.”

To this, Jung Bum Gyun said, “That’s not good. You should really have her number”, emphasizing the importance of her contact in his army life.

He continued, “Suzy’s phone number is like your lifesaver. You’ll be treated like a senior straight away when you enlist with Suzy’s number”, breaking the studio into laughter.

Meanwhile, Lee Je Hoon is starting his military service on October 25th.

Source: StarN News