Sooyoung and Yoon DoHyun to switch identities for next week’s ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’?

On September 5th episode of “Midnight TV Entertainment”, hosted by Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung and YB’s Yoon Dohyun, the two MCs made a commitment of switching identities for the next episode if the show top the list of search items on portal sites.

During the show, MC Yoon Dohyun and Sooyoung discussed about the promises made by stars. Yoon DoHyun said, “Recently, making public promises seems to be the trend” and then suggested that he too wanted to do it.

He continued, “If ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ tops the list of search items on portal sites, I promise to do a cosplay of Girls’ Generation and carry out the opening of next week’s live broadcast just like Girls’ Generation”.

To this, Sooyoung then promised to transform into a rocker similar to a member of Yoon Dohyun’s rock band, YB, for the show’s next broadcast.

Before the end of the broadcast, ‘Midnight TV Entertainment’ managed to top the list of search items. Yoon Dohyun showed regret for the idea and said, “If this weren’t live, I would want to request this to be edited out”, much to the amusement of the viewers.