Shinhwa’s Jun Jin and SPICA’s Park Joo Hyun are dating

Another star couple has been born! Shinhwa’s Jun Jin (35) and SPICA’s Park Joo Hyun (26) had been reported in a dating relationship.

According to reports, the two were introduced to each other through mutual friends and recently developed their feeling and dating secretly. A source revealed, Park Joo Hyun debuted this year with SPICA. As her senior, Jun Jin often gave her serious advice which allowed them to build trust in each other” and “Jun Jin’s Kakao avatar has been a couple shot between the two for quite some time now.”

Both parties didn’t deny the fact that they were dating. According to an official, “They are dating seriously, but they are very careful about the relationship since Park Joo Hyun is only a rookie.”

Much attention is being drawn since the two idols are under the same label as Lee Hyori, B2M Entertainment.

Source: Newsen