Seungri is looking for a girlfriend

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It’s raining… It’s raining… It’s raininggggggggg…

Today i had shooting since morning. It was really fun! It’s very hot today, and i’m still tired since yesterday’s shooting..but it was so fun….

I did bungee jumping for the first time in my life. I was so scared! I thought i’m going to be okay, but after reached at the top, my legs started shaking. It took me 20 minutes until jumped. Can’t be helped, i was seriously scared… It was a strange feeling…

I will never do it again. T.T It was scary!!!!!

Okay, It’s different topic, but i don’t have a girlfriend now.
If I ever to have a girlfriend, I have a confidence to work hard for her and to make her happy! Although I’m currently working in Japan, but i don’t think long distance relationship is a bad idea…
I’m seriously thinking of finding a girlfriend right now..

Even though i want a girlfriend, it’s not like i can..

Everyone, do you have a boyfriend or girlfriend?
That’s all.

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