Seo In Guk shows masculine charms on ‘Allure Korea’

Singer Seo In Guk, who is receiving much love for his role on tvN‘s hit drama ‘Reply 1997’, has shown his sexy, masculine charm on the October issue of ‘Allure Korea’ magazine.

In an accompanying interview, Seo In Guk talked about his on-screen chemistry with A Pink’s Eunji. He shared, “We would always play around off-camera by using dialects and treating each other as our characters. I tried my best to become close with Eunji because I knew how important the chemistry between the actors were.”

He continued, “As a viewer, if there is no chemistry between the couples, it will be awkward even though there might be a lot of skinship. But if there is chemistry shown, it will be exciting. I wanted to help the viewers see that in us. I guess my mission was accomplished as a scandal has already come out.”

Source: Nate