‘Running Man’ warns fans against impostors

HaHa and Lee Kwang Soo of SBS popular variety program, ‘Running Man’ warned the fans to be watchful for impostors.

On Septembet 5th, ‘Running Man’ production team posted on Twitter, “The rumor that our new shooting is at Gulpo Park is false. We never reveal the place until the very end, and we don’t have any scripts.”

They continued, “Be careful, and never get tricked by false information. Our production team is planning to request investigation for this rumor.”

The warning came after reports that individuals posing as ‘Running Man’ staff are tricking people into believing they will be a part of the show have surfaced.

HaHa retweeted the above post and added, “I heard they even try to get students to get in the car! This is not supposed to happen! I’m retweeting this in case things get dangerous.”

Lee Kwang Soo, who was also shocked by the news, wrote, “We don’t have any shooting today, and we never pick up citizens to bring them. It will never happen in the future as well.”

Source: StarN News