R.ef to make a comeback after 8 years

After announcing their new album preparations back in May, ‘90s group R.ef will finally be making a comeback after eight years.

On September 25th, R.ef will release their new digital single ‘it’s r.ef’. It will consist of the two songs, “You Don’t Seem to Know Love Part 1” and “Love Formula”. The single will also recruit the help of composer Joo Young Hoon as well as up and coming composers in order to produce music that will catch on today.

R.ef’s agency stated, “R.ef put their heart and soul from the eight years into the new digital single. They will show good music to the fans who waited.”

R.ef stands for Rave Effect and the male trio group made its debut back in 1995. The group disbanded in 1999 and reunited on August 2004 for their digital single, “Love is Hard”.

Source: Nate