Organizers cancel ‘2012 Korean Music Wave’ in Incheon

The ‘2012 Korean Music Wave’, which is scheduled to take place on September 15 at Incheon’s World Cup Stadium, has unfortunately been canceled due to budget issues.

HH Company, the event’s organizer, announced the cancellation of the event at last minute through the Korean Wave Festival’s official website. As the sudden cancellation has left many fans disappointed, the organizer issued an official apology.

“We totally understand how our decision brings down the audiences, who have chosen our show among other big concerts. We promise to get back on our feet to repay for all the disappointments we have caused,” HH Company stated.

‘2012 Korean Music Wave’ was to feature star-studded lineup including Super Junior, KARA, FT Island, Wooyoung, TEEN TOP, 4minute, A Pink, ZE:A, Rainbow, Girl’s Day and B.A.P.