Orange Caramel Chats with SportsChosun about Charisma and Positivity

Orange Caramel a sub unit is one of the most successful sub units currently active in K-Pop.

They will grab the hearts of male fans with unique concepts.
Included in Orange Caramel’s first full length album “Lipstick” a surprise twist was Lizzy’s   calm and lyrical emotional ballad ”Clara’s Dream” while Raina’s solo song “Superwoman” is more upbeat and showcases the main vocals skills as a rapper.

◇ Sexy vs. Cute
The group promotes with concepts completely different from their main group After School. When asked how they felt going from giving off sexy charisma to exuding cute charms Raina answered, “…songs, choreography, and facial expression changed a lot…I once went to an event with After School…after a while I came right back out wearing different clothes with Orange Caramel on the same stage” while laughing she stated “…I am more adapted now“.

For some members showcasing exaggerating expressions on stage wasn’t easy. Lizzy revealed, “at first I was ashamed of such facial expressionsbut now with the experience of being on stage I have made them my own.” 

◇ ‘Happy virus’
Known as being a bubbly and cheerful group, Nana asserted that “all members have a positive mindset. We are enjoying the stage singing…

Some fans maybe be worried about the sub unit currently promoting in both activities for both After School and Orange Caramel. But, the group collectively feels they are young [healthy/energetic] and will be able to show fans a  ’vibrant force’ in their performances.

Article: Naver