Mexico and Brazil go crazy for JYJ’s Junsu

After wrapping up successful shows in New York and Los Angeles, JYJ’s Kim Junsu (XIA) continued his World Tour by performing down south in Mexico and Brazil.

On September 6th, Junsu had a concert at Black Berry Auditorium in Mexico, and met up with some 3,500 local fans. The fans showed their great passion, singing along every songs that he performed in English and Korean, including “TARANTALLEGRA”, “UNCOMMITTED”, “I Hate Love”, “Set Me Free” and “You Are So Beautiful.”

Producer Alex of Mexico Media TV ‘Azteca’ remarked, “Kim Junsu is a total performer. His independent solo album was amazing, and we feel his performance today was also remarkable. I hope to make more reports about Kim Junsu to more Mexicans.”

After his show in Mexico, Junsu moved to Espacio Victory in San Paulo, Brazil, and performed for 1,300 fans. At the performance, Junsu made the crowd go wild as he learned Samba dance from the Brazilian fans and yelled out a few Portugese words such as “Obrigado (thank you)” and “Amore (I love you)”.

Junsu remarked, “Having a concert in South America was a big challenge for me, and imperfect equipments were a lot of worries as well. However, the worries were all gone when I got there. So many fans loved my music, and I felt happy energies from them. I’ll carry on my world tour with much bigger responsibility.”

Source: StarN News