MCD's new MC Lee Hongki distributes self-produced name cards to fans

FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki, the new MC for Mnet “Mcountdown”, distributed self-produced name cards to his fans personally.

Being his first MC show on “Mcountdown” on 30th, Lee Hongki gave out self-produced name cards to his fans who came to watch the recording, one by one down the long queue at Sangam-dong CJ E&M Center before the live show, announcing himself as the new MC.

Lee Hongki held his head up and introduced himself in front of his fans, “Hello. I’m Mcountdown’s new MC, Lee Hongki. Nice to meet you. It’s my honour to be the MC (of Mcountdown). I will do my best to make Mcountdown the most representative global K-POP chart,” revealing his strong ambitions.

Lee Hongki put on his all-time bright smile and distributed his name cards one by one to his fans, raising the anticipation level for his first “Mcountdown” MC stage.

The name card that was given out to his fans, has a white background, stating “Lee Hongki Mcountdown MC” and “Mcountdown”‘s official homepage, Twitter and Facebook information are also written at the bottom of the card. The new logo of “Mcountdown” as well as MC Lee Hongki’s personally signed autograph can also be seen at the back of the name card.

On the other hand, “Mcountdown” will air on 30 August, at 6pm, with Lee Hongki as its new MC.

Credit: X Sports News + Hanguk Ilbo + ying1005@withtreasures