MBLAQ Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo ‘We Got Married’ Ep Preview

Lee Joon- Oh Yeon Seo “Made for each other couple” ♥
Last week, these two people, Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo lost the camera van.

To enjoy some (alone?) free time? Where are they headed?
Finally two people arrived at the We Got Married Village!

Arrived as the third (couple) to honeymoon house!
What to do? This is a big problem…with energy flowing, what embarrassing situations will these two encounter?

Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo reveal the luggages that they brought from each of their own houses. What will be in Yeon Seo’s luggage?  And how will Yeon Seo’s husband deal with ‘this’?
Yeon Seo wore ‘this’ one piece sneakingly into the pool!
What will be prepared for their own unique exercise?

Two newlyweds who dreamt of a romantic date swimming!
Is this Lee Joon & Oh Yeon Seo’s dream come true?

Translated by liliceprincess @ AbsoluteMBLAQ