MBLAQ “KOICA’S DREAM” Vietnam Volunteer Activity Site Passionate Emotions!

MBLAQ has conveyed love in Vietnam.

MBLAQ’s Seungho and Mir recently have been participating in MBC Special Project “2012 KOICA’S DREAM” recording and have went to Vietnam and came back after 7 days and 6 nights and came in conjunction with last year’s “KOICA’S DREAM” team members and joined volunteer activity becoming “Volunteer-dol”.

A subordinate has recently revealed onsite pictures of Mir and Seungho with the locals at Vietnam doing a pose for a group picture. An onsite connecting staff has also disclosed that at Vietnam, MBLAQ members have put in all efforts to participate and take part in volunteer activities, even in a difficult situation they have enjoyed a joyous time with the locals.

In addition, MBLAQ “Now Vietnam seems like a 2nd homeland, already feeling reluctant [to leave], also teared when we were setting up the water pipe for the locals, also missing the smiles of the minority ethnic village people” expressed their thoughts.

MBC Special Project “2012 KOICA’S DREAM” will be broadcasted during mid-October.

Source: NewsenChinese translated by VK @ MBLAQCHINA.
English translated by mayo_chin @ AbsoluteMBLAQ.