M-TIFUL releases 1st mini album ‘Broken’

Duo band M-TIFUL has returned and released their first mini album, ‘Broken’.

M-TIFUL debuted as band ‘Mtiful Day’ back in 2010. Member Choi Won Jun returned as a solo singer under the name M-TIFUL in June with his single “All Right”. This time, he recruited the help of Rae Won, and released their mini album ‘Broken’ on September 26th.

‘Broken’ consists of four tracks and two instrumentals including the title track “Hurts Like Crazy”. The mini album was created with the help of composer SE and producing team, ‘Real Guys’.

Check out the tracks below:

1. 죽을만큼 아파서

2. 아파서 사랑이다

3. 사랑한다고…

4. All Right