Kwanghee's height isn't 180cm!

On August 28th episode of Strong Heart, cast member for , Sulli expressed that "My height is 169cm, people always look thinks that I look taller, I feel pressurized."

On the day of recording, Kwanghee also measured his real height.
Kwanghees personally believe his height is 179cm, and wearing shoes is 180cm. The shoes that seems tall seem to get people's suspicion. Then when Kwanghee took off his shoes, his height is 173.6cm. The results of his actual height made Kwanghee make an unhappy expression.

Netizens also said "The power of insoles", "Are other idols also like that?" "The expression on his face after revealing his real height is so funny." etcetc.

Source: tvreport, kpopstarz, ze:a
crack @ empirechildren for translation