Kwanghee wants Hyungsik to be his brother-in-law??

On the 28th broadcast of strong heart with Kwanghee and Hyungsik making an appearance.

Kwanghee praised Hyungsik during the broadcast No matter if it's from family wealth, appearance, skills, he even have a gentleman's courtesy. Which showed his wild heart towards Hyungsik.

Kwanghee also said, "I have a sister, I want to let her marry Hyungsik, I believe he will become our house's strong pillar."

Kwanghee also added, "Now I already think about the last move, if two of them don't have a liking towards each other, then 3 of us will come together and drink till we are dead drunk." Kwanghee's evil plot made the whole place filled with laughter. When asked, "How you asked about your sister's opinion?" Kwanghee replied, "My sister have nothing to lose." Which once again filled the whole place with laughter. Kwanghee other than saying about hyungsik, he also am very interested in cast member Minho. Kwanghee also said, " Minho is also one of the nominee to became my brother-in-law." Towards Kwanghee's thick skin, everyone can only surrender to him with both hands and feet up.

On that day's broadcast, Minho also revealed an episode of Kwanghee's pressurized him with matchmaking.

Source: tvreport, kpopstarz, ze:a
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