Kim Soo Ro supports SECRET and KARA on ‘God of Victory’

Actor Kim Soo Ro has shown his support to girl groups SECRET and KARA during filming for ‘God of Victory’.

Recently, he posted on his Twitter, “They are our country’s assets. They are so kind and polite but in competition they are so great and contend for victory” and attached a photo taken with SECRET members, Solbi and Rainbow’s Jaekyung.

After the recording, SECRET’s Zinger also tweeted, “Our teamwork is the best! We had a lot of good influence from good people today!” Fellow member Hyosung gave a shout out to Kim Soo Ro, tweeting, “Oppa, this is Hyosung. You worked really hard! I was so happy to have a good captain.”

SECRET and KARA took part in the recording of their competition against each other on September 4 in Suwon for the upcoming episode of MBC’s ‘God of Victory’.

Kim Soo Ro added, “Filmed for ‘God of Victory’ for the first time in four months. KARA versus SECRET. I was so thankful to the two teams who did their best to win. Why is the Hallyu wave going strong? Why are idol groups so popular? I learned why during this recording. Regardless of the results they were so great.”