Kim Jung Eun and Shin Hyun Joon tease each other

Actress Kim Jung Eun and actor Shin Hyun Joon of ‘Ulala Couple’ make fun of each other by revealing embarassing photos.

On September 8th, Kim Jung Eun wrote on her Twitter, “Oppa, I’m sorry I can’t protect’s too much to only see this myself,” and she revealed an embarassing photo of Shin Hyun Joon. In the photo, the actor has blood all over his forehead and nose while making a rather funny expression.

Shin Hyun Joon counterattacked and tweeted on the 10th, “I’m sorry Jung Eun but I posted this picture because you really didn’t seem to like it. I’m sorry”. The actor attached some funny photos of the actress from the drama shooting.

In the photo, Kim Jung Eun is doing some wire action in mid-air with funny expressions on her face.

The two actors were filming for KBS’ upcoming drama ‘Ulala Couple’ which will premiere on October 8. Shin Hyun Joon plays the role of Soo Nam, who is a hotel room manager with the dreams of becoming a general manager while Kim Jung Eun is to play the role of Yeo Ok, who is to change Soo Nam's life completely.