Kim Ha Neul almost lost her eyesight?

Actress Kim Ha Neul revealed a close call while filming the movie “Blind.”

The actress appeared on September 10th broadcast of SBS ‘Healing Camp’, and revealed that she almost lost her eyesight while shooting the movie. She shared, “There was a scene in which I was to strike a match. They must have applied some chemicals to the matchstick and the moment I lit it, it just went off and the fire flickered into my eyes.”

Kim Ha Neul added that she was fortunate her pupils were untouched, “I was lucky. But I still took a few days off to recover.”

She also told about various injuries and accidents that happened to her while shooting other movies as well.

The actress said, “I gave a lot of efforts to keep the lucks that were given to me. I wanted to show some product to those who worked with me. My self-pride motivated and energized me a lot to keep carry on acting.”

Source: StarN News