KARA’s Seungyeon looks like a baby next to a volleyball player

KARA’s Han Seungyeon, who is known for her petite physique, is looking like a baby while standing next to Olympic volleyball player Kim Yeon Kyung.

On September 4th, Han Seungyeon and Kim Yeon Kyung appeared on SBS ‘Strong Heart’, and MC Shin Dong Yup encouraged the two to greet each other. Despite appearing in very high heels, there was a significant height different between the two. Seungyeon looked like a baby sister to Kim Yeon Kyung even though she was of the same age as the volleyball player.

Kim Yeon Kyung joked that she was born earlier than Seungyeon and promised to call her unnie the next time they meet. He shared, “I was actually born in February, 1988. I went to school early, so all of my friends were born in 1987.”

On this day, Seungyeon also revealed that she injured her ankles because of wearing high heels too much.

Source: StarN News