KARA Jiyoung’s ‘Rainbow Rose’ to air in Korea

Korean-Japanese TV drama ‘Rainbow Rose’ starring KARA’s Kang Jiyoung and Supernova’s Park Geonil, will be airing in Korea for the first time.

Starting from September 6th, Korea’s cable channel Tooniverse will air two episodes of ‘Rainbow Rose’ every Thursday at 9:00 PM KST. The drama focuses on the lives of students from different countries and cultures while living together in a boardinghouse.

Also starring Japanese actresses Mizusawa Elena and Fujii Mina, ‘Rainbow Rose’ emphasizes the friendship and love that takes place among the students.

This series received great popularity when it aired in Japan in April due to the main characters. The drama also attracted a lot of attention with the fact that it was produced by Korean production company Contents Seven.

Kang Jiyoung took her role named Yuri, a perky daughter of the house owner, who wishes to become a fashion designer. Park Geonil plays Yuichi, a good-looking Japanese student living in Korea to major in business in college.