Kang Sora visits Pixar headquarter to dub for ‘Brave’

Actress Kang Sora took some time off to visit the Hollywood animation studio, Disney Pixar.

Kang, who is set to dub the Korean version of Pixar’s latest creation ‘Brave’, had the opportunity to visit Pixar Studios in San Francisco, California and experienced what it’d be like working as an employee there.

A video of her trip has been revealed, showing the actress going around the studio with scooter, taking photos, eating food at the cafeteria and more. Kang Sora also participated in an animation workshop with one of Pixar’s animators.

Kang Sora will be the voice of Princess Merida in the Korean release of ‘Brave’, an animation film by Pixar featuring the trascendent bond between mothers and daughters and the importance of making the right choices that can change one’s destiny.